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Writing Class are Fun

Posted on 2 August, 2016 at 4:30 Comments comments (2)
Held on Tuesday's from 10am - 12noon also 7pm - 9pm at Kingsway Hall 97-101 Cunninghame St. Sale, next to Centre Bakery. We can attend both classes if we like to. There's always time for coffee, teas and biscuits. We have comfortable chairs to sit on and a big square table where we can see each other during discussions. Best of all we have a great teacher with broad knowledge about writing books. She has written books herself with different styles and topics which helps us to write in a variety of ways."Glimpses of Longford" and "Turning Heart Towards Home" are two of her published works. We interact with each other during class which helps us learn more and gain different ideas from other students. Our teacher makes it fun to learn which is great and that's what we love most. All materials are provided. The workbooks are nice and attractive, yet very simple and easy to read. We occasionally have outside activities which make learning so much fun with excursions. The activities are easy to do as our teacher helps us and does not leave us to battle on our own. So if you are passionate about writing or interested to write a book, short stories, memoirs and poems, then this is the way to do it. Please call Dea on 0403167728 for more details. We would love to see you there!